Foil quill pen experiments

Hi crafters. When I first got some foil I wondered why it didn’t work for me. This prompted a lot of experiments, until I realised that the techniques I was trying did not work with that foil. I had heat reactive foil which doesn’t work so well with the techniques for Deco/ Heidi Swapp foils. Now I have a foil quill pen, which is perfect for the heat reactive foil. I tried the pen out on some Christmas tags.

I had never used distress paint before now. I was given some candied apple and lucky clover. I noted it said on the label you could stamp with it. I started with 1-2 layers of stamping with rubber stamps. I then did stencilling with the distress paint daubers. I tried the gold foil that comes with the foil quill pen, plus heat wave foil on top of the painted layers. I mainly used thick templates which are used for lettering or technical drawing. I got most of mine secondhand. I put tape on the back of the top of the tag, and attached it to the template. I slid the foil in between. I have a standard size pen. I wouldn’t want it any finer for this sort of thing. I traced the templates and in some cases, scribbled in the area to fill it in. I also tried mylar stencils. I had used the Funky Fossil broken radius Background stencil with the paint, and tried foiling using this to outline the paint. As the mylar is thin, it is very easy to slip outside the edge. If using thin stencils, you would need to go slower with the pen. I also tried writing which you can see on some tags. I had the tag attached to a thick template with a large open area, and just wrote inside. There were no problems with this except that my handwriting isn’t pretty. I tried scribbling without the template holding the foil down. I found with this, that if I was too fast or not pressing as much it didn’t transfer foil. Lastly I used all the unused gaps in the foil to write ‘to’ and ‘from’ on the back of all the tags. I didn’t attach the tag or foil to anything for this. I just laid the foil on the tag and wrote. There were no problems with this. The hardest part of this whole experiment was placing the foil. Some pieces have a curl which makes it hard to slip between the template and tag. The foil also can stick to my fingers as I’m trying to move it. One logistical thing is that the cord from the pen to the USB plug isn’t that long. I usually have all my electricals including a USB wall plug going into a power board on the floor to the left of my chair. This cord doesn’t reach that far. I had to adjust all the cables until I could bring the power board to desk height before I could use it. You could have an extension cord going onto your desk with a USB wall plug or hub attached.

Stamps used:

Impression Obsession: Twas the night, wood grain,

Hero Arts: Pearl strings bold print.

Bauble, Joy : second hand rubber, no label.

Stencils: Tim Holtz: Merry Christmas. Funky Fossil: Micro dots and Broken radius Background. Visible Image: Geometric maze.

EK success Architexture rub ons.

Thanks Neha for the paints.

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  • Therese

    Looks like you have had some fun here! And I didn’t know you could stamp with the paints, that is definitely something I would consider trying, thanks for the inspiration! I KNOW I have to get out my quill pen sooner than I thought lol.