E is for…

Hi crafters. The latest challenge at Simon says Stamp Monday is “E is for...”. Well in this case, E is for: embroidered embellishment, envy, extra, excitement, expressionism and of course: EXPERIMENT!

It started out with ENVY over Dina Wakley’’s fantastic art which is a form of expressionism. The wild colours and trying something new caused the EXCITEMENT. It was hard to finish as I kept adding something EXTRA. The whole thing was an EXPERIMENT.

I started with a piece of pattern paper that I hated, as then there is no concern about what if it doesn’t turn out. I gessoed it and scribbled in the gesso with the end of a paint brush. Next I applied some acrylics. I then did some stencilling and stamping with acrylic. A little asemic writing, plus real writing, doodling and then stitching to finish it off. The beads were next to the sewing machine so they went on there too. They were sewn on by hand.

What’s funny is that now when I look at it, it looks like a Coronavirus.

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