Hot foil machine tips 1

Hi crafters. I bought myself a hot foil machine for Mother’s Day. It is a Couture Creations Go Press Foil. My first attempt was missing some foiling on the edge so I increased the shim. During my second attempt, I was distracted by getting everything lined up and put the foil upside down and foiled the hot foil stamps! Tip number 1: When under-caffeinated and accidentally foil the metal, just use alcohol spray and a rag to rub it off the metal. On my third attempt, which is in the picture, the foiling turned out perfectly.

Did you notice what I missed? My background paper is upside down! The most difficult thing I noticed is trying to align the stamps with the paper on the bed of the machine. Tip number 2: Consider not trimming paper before foiling so the alignment can be adjusted with the trimming later.
This may not be my usual style but it is going to an elderly aunt who will like it and may not be able to see that the background writing is upside down. I can’t think of any challenges to send this card to. I’m pleased with the foiling result in the end, so expect some more foiling.

Happy crafting,


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  • Therese Calvird

    Congrats on your purchase and Congrats on your new beautifully foiled plates ps I hear it makes no difference lol. Looks like you are having fun with it… I’ve got the quill things and haven’t had a chance to try them as yet, maybe I need to! Thanks for the inspiration!