I love foil, why doesn’t it love me?

Hi Crafters,

Have you had those days where nothing goes quite right? I have tried foiling with a laminator but it was always blotchy on the foil and speckled throughout the background. I have been wanting those lovely results that others get.  I used a coupon to get a minc machine at a discount.  Today I tried it out. I wanted to do a foiled background for a Xmas card.  I have some Heidi Swapp products which I thought might work for stencilling.  I am going to show the results of each attempt and what I did for each one. All examples are the same light weight card stock.

1. Minc reactive paint and stencil.

I was using a Tim Holtz merry Christmas stencil. The paint is too runny for a stencil and oozes underneath when using a scraper.

2. Minc Art screen ink in red.

I got this “ink” in an art screens kit which was on sale.  This is much thicker than the paint. It goes on well with a scraper.  My only problem with putting it on was my tape tore my paper and I got bits where it wasn’t supposed to be. I was planning a 5×7 card and discovered the plastic transfer sleeve wasn’t long enough so I put it in printer paper on setting 4. The foil is unknown but not Heidi Swapp.

3. Art screen ink again.

I wondered if the heat was too high on last one so I did this in printer paper on setting 3.

4. Art screen ink, plastic transfer sleeve.

I wondered if the printer paper had much effect so I cut the cardstock smaller to fit in sleeve, This was done on setting 2.

5. Art screen ink, plastic folder, setting 3.

6.Art screen ink, plastic transfer sleeve, extra piece cardstock.

I added a another piece of the same thin card in folder behind the other card. Setting 3.

7. Art screen ink, Heidi Swapp foil, plastic sleeve, extra card, setting 3.

I’m pretty happy except for the ink which shows at the edge. Maybe a lot of my previous problems were due to the type of foil. Note the background is nice and clean here.

8. Minc reactive paint, ranger foam inking tool, stamp, plastic sleeve, extra card, setting 3. Heidi Swapp foil.

Now I am excited.  I put the reactive paint onto an acrylic block and sponged it onto a stamp in the stamping tool.  If you haven’t got much on the sponge, the paper will lift and tear when you open the door.  You can’t see this with the foil on top.  USE ALL YOUR MAGNETS.  If you have a bit more paint on the sponge it doesn’t tear the paper. I inked it a couple of times but maybe needed to be more thorough. Although I waited for a while to put it through, it’s possible more drying may have made a difference.

9. Minc reactive paint, ranger foam inking tool, stamp, plastic sleeve, extra card, setting 3. Fab foil by WOW.

This was fine too. Maybe needed to ink some more or wait longer maybe.

10. Moulding paste by Atelier (basically texture paste) fab foil, plastic sleeve, extra card, settings 3,4,5×2.

I did this one and the next at night and left them to dry. I kept putting this back through at higher heat but it didn’t transfer. I have heard people say you can use texture paste but maybe it needs to be still a bit wet.

11. Atelier heavy gel gloss medium, extra card, plastic sleeve, setting 3.

This was the big surprise. The only defects on this appear to be from a messy stencil.

12. Blue acrylic paint, extra card, plastic sleeve, fab foil, setting 3.

The gel medium in last one is really colourless acrylic paint, so this one uses cheap acrylic paint. The paper tore when the stencil came up and some paint oozed a bit. Foiling itself is good.

13. Embossing ink and clear embossing powder, plastic sleeve, extra card, Heidi Swapp foil, setting 3,4,4.

I don’t have bonding powder which is like a super sticky embossing powder when heated. I increased the heat and put it through extra times but patchy result. My ranger embossing ink is getting a bit old and it is possible that there is not enough of it to hold sufficient powder.

14. Tombow monomulti glue through stencil, extra card, plastic sleeve, setting 0 ( no heat).

This actually turned out very well but it’s a little sticky to touch.

15. Zig 2 way glue pen, extra card, plastic sleeve, setting 0,1.

I drew this then immediately cut foil and ran it through as it should be a stronger bond when wet. I ran it through a couple of times and had setting on 1 second time as edges patchy. I don’t think you need setting 1 as it made no difference to the edges.


If you have poor foiling results like me then I would try a different foil and a second piece of cardstock before changing equipment. I have tried what I had available which doesn’t cover all possible options. I would also suggest experimenting with acrylic paint either through stencils or onto your stamps with a foam tool. The gel medium and acrylic paint worked well and could be a good substitute if you don’t have foiling mediums. You would want a firmer paint for stencils or a runny one would be good to try sponges onto stamps.

Remember to clean stencils and other equipment as soon as you can with these techniques.

Good luck crafters! Have an experiment with what you’ve got and maybe the foil will love you back.

Stencils and stamps used:

Tim Holtz Merry Christmas

Dylusions Squares small

Kaisercraft Ripples

Kaisercraft spotty

Hero arts rose stamp CM260

CAS-ual Fridays celebrate stamp set

Friskars Teresa Collins Geo Borders

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